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Troy James Boys Premium Collection



Troy James Boys: Top of the Class


Troy James Boys (TJB)

Over the past year, I’ve hear the cry over and over: “There is just not enough boys’ clothing made for specialty retailers.” Even though I know many boys’ brands have successfully entered the market over the past several years, boys’ clothing still seems to offer opportunities. At KIDShow I met several newer boys’ brands exhibiting at the show, including Eddy & Scout (inspired by outdoor adventures), Woolpower (warmth from Sweden) andModify 101 (amazing denim). Plus, Troy James Boys (TJB), whose small, packed with “I-want-it-all” finds for hip-minded young guys, booth belied the great things to come and the buzz that this brand generated in the aisles.


TJB includes both an affordable line of high-quality designs priced under $30 retail, and a Premium Collection featuring upscale details, Euro-tailored true-to-fits, ultra feel-good cashmere sweaters and vests, and even reimagined harem pants, all hip for our times. In addition, TJB offers bow and neckties, suspenders, underwear, socks, scarves, knit caps and other luxe accessories, perfect for formal to casual fun activities. Ragged boys can get a full makeover, literally top to bottom. And feel comfortable and cool doing it!

Add sustainability to the brand’s overall driving vision, and there’s a lot to get excited about. I was impressed with TJB’s black & white Legoish packaging that was part all-purpose conversation piece, puzzle, secret storage box and collector’s coin bank. Genius packaging for a trio of boys’ briefs!

Troy James Boys brought to mind a nostalgia for the times when dads dressed with a touch of class and suave sophistication, but made accessible for even the youngest modern males that look like manners matter, without losing their sense of comfort and “into everything” imagination and adventure. The boys really do have it for fall 2015!

For more information, go to www.TroyJamesBoys.com, sales@TroyJamesBoys.com


Troy James forays into fashion sector with boy’s new range

May 30, 2014 (United States Of America)

Troy James, a three year old Las Vegas native was born into a fashionable home. Son of a successful businessman and a former model, Troy James has always been exposed to high-end fashion since birth. While most toddlers are very picky about what they eat, TJ (as his parents know him) has a daily dilemma of what to wear. His sense of style appears to be a combination of his father’s New York, business-formal style and his mother’s taste of designer clothing. 
Troy James recently decided to combine his parent’s looks to create his own fashion label, The TROY JAMES BOYS COLLECTION. The TROY JAMES BOYS COLLECTION which will be launching FALL 2014 is a high end, hip fashion apparel and accessories company for boy’s only (ages 0-6). TJ, wants to offer every little boy the opportunity to look stylish and hip.
The brand offers two lines of clothing; Troy James Premium and The Troy James Boys Collection. Both lines will feature a variety of clothing ranging from Suits, Dress shirts, and Ties to Shoes, Pants, Denim, Sweaters, Belts, and Suspenders. The premium line will be made with luxurious silk, cashmere blends, and TJ’s favorite – Egyptian Cotton. The Troy James Boys Collection will be made of much affordable fabrics, however the craft will not be compromised.
Troy James Boys is working on fulfilling the demand of all fashionista mothers. Despite his age, TJ sees success in the near future. With his passion for fashion and his love for designing, Troy James hopes that all toddlers like him will enjoy his work.